100% solids epoxy , Types of epoxy for concrete floors

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Epoxies- High performance epoxy, Polyamide epoxy, High build epoxy, 100% Solids epoxy

Why do we have different epoxies? Because your floor and the final look you want may be different than your friends or neighbours. Our epoxy coatings have different characteristics that can be matched to your needs giving you exactly what you want in a high performance concrete floor coating. Below is information about the different types. The one you need is based on your application so fill out an inquiry form.Write or call us for free consultation.

High solids epoxy

This group includes our two part catalized polyamide epoxies. They have solids in the 54% to 65% range depending on color. They dry in a few hours for foot traffic but as with all multi-part products takes several days to reach full hardness. Because the products have a little extra solvent they "flow" better giving them the ability to penetrate concrete with low porosity. Thus, if you only acid etch and clean you can still get excellent adhesion. They are have high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Can be used as a primer with urethane or higher solids epoxy topcoat, or as a two coat stand alone system. Apply at 265-320 sq ft/gal. Sold in 1 to 15 gallons kits depending of the particular product. These include Garage-Coat 100 and 100C and Industrial-Coat 1110 and 1110C. See more information at our Garage-Coat Products page.

High solids, high build epoxy

Theses are a great combination of thick layer, exceptional adhesion epoxies. They are greater than 90% solids but have been formulated with a special solvent combination that lowers the surface tension and give them extra ability to penetrate concrete. This results in improved adhesion, the big problem for 100% solids products. These will give you greater than 90% of the thickness of a 100% solids product and allow you to use acid etching for surface preparation instead of having to grind or bead blast as you must for 100% solids products. Also, unlike 100% solids products you can pour these out in a line on the floor and use a roller to spread it. 100% solids products need to be squeegeed and back rolled. Applied at 165 sq ft per gallon you get about 9 mils dry thickness. They're sold in kits ranging from 1.5 to 15 gallons. Products include Garage-Coat 110 and 110C and Industrial-Coat 1130 and 1140. See more information at our Garage-Coat Products page.

100% solids epoxy

These produce the thickest coatings and do it with virtually no odor. With the clear coat you get that deep wet look. They are thick and a bit difficult to spread. We suggest you spread them with a serrated squeegee sized for the coating then back roll to smooth out the lines of material. You'll need spiked shoes to do it right. They are ideal for use in a flake to rejection floor where a double broadcast is required. We recommend a grind or shot blast if this product is to be placed directly on the floor. If you can't then acid etch and use a polyamide epoxy primer coat first. Coverage is about 100 sq ft/gal at 16 mils. Sold in kits ranging from 1.48 to 15 gallon. Products include Garage-Coat 150 and 150C and Industrial-Coat 1170 and 1180.
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