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Now you can have industrial grade epoxy and urethane floor coatings at home!

Below is basic procedures for applying any two part coating product. Remember, get the material out of the mix container before the lowest listed pot life time is exceeded.

As soon as the material is mixed begin applying the coating (Do not delay as the curing reactions have started). Go to your starting point and begin by cutting in edges and corners.
Pour out a small puddle (or several spaced along the wall for quicker application) about a foot from the edge(wall). image of epoxy concrete floor paint being applied

Use a 6"x1" "cigar" roller to roll the material to and along the edge. Don't worry about leaving some of the puddle. You can roll it out later when you use a regular roller.
image of epoxy concrete floor paint being applied

Once an area around a wall has been cut in, pour a line (4-8" wide) of the coating a few feet from the cut in edge.
image of epoxy concrete floor paint being applied

Roll out the material by pushing some forward of the line and some behind. Do not roll all the way to the wall yet. It is easy to push a puddle against the wall which is difficult to pull back away. Leave a little gap. Once the first roll over is completed there should be a few inches between the material and the area that was cut in.

Now roll again extending to the cut in section and "tying it all together" Remember though, do not push puddles ahead of the roller during this step. If puddles are there after the first roll over do another roll over pulling material towards you before going to the tie in step.

Now pour out another line and repeat the rollout step. Pour puddles and cut in the edges staying a little ways (but not too much) ahead of your lines.

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