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Now you can have industrial grade epoxy and urethane floor coatings at home!

Tips for success

Complete mixing instructions are on every container. Always follow label directions on the product!

  • Surface preparation: This is vitally important to a beautiful, long lasting floor. Inadequate surface preparation can lead to a complete failure of the flooring system. Don't build your house on a bad foundation!!
    All surfaces must be free of foreign materials. Use a good cleaner/degreaser to remove dirt, grease, and oils.
    All paint or previously used sealers must be removed by chemical or physical methods. Next, the surface must be prepared to insure good adhesion.
    Minimally, you should etch the floor with a mix of 4 parts water and one part acid. If applying a 100% product we strongly recommend the surface be ground or bead blasted. If not, a primer coat is recommended.
  • Pre-Mixing: Premix the individual contents of each container. Separation of ingredients and settling of pigments can occur during shipment. Pre-mixing insures the proper ratios of ingredients are there to react and produces consistant color on the floor. Pre_mix until to product is homogeneous (then mix a little more).
    Also once a mixer is used to mix combined products, it cannot be put back into an original container and used to pre-mix!
  • Mixing 2 part products: Mix the products exactly as instructed on the label. In two separate graduated containers measure the amount of hardner and resin needed for the mix. Mix only the amount of product you can apply in 1/2 the pot life of that product or 20 minutes, which ever is less! Pour the hardener (part B) in a mixing bucket first then the resin (part A). Use a wooden paint stir stick to scrape the extra of each product from the graduated containers into the mix bucket. Using a mechanical mixer stir the materials together as instructed in the product data sheets. Move the mixer around as it spins running against the sides and up and down. Move the mixer to contact the bottom especially where the sides and bottom meet. This is especially important with thick products.
    Avoid introducing air into the coating.
    Do not cut the mix time short.
    Be sure the product looks consistent with no swirls remaining.
    For extra insurance (that there is no unmixed product) after mixing, transfer the mixed material into a second bucket and scrape the remaining contents into the second pail. Mix that material for 30 more seconds.
    Failure to properly mix can result in soft and/or sticky spots on the floor. There is no fix for that, only complete removal and reapplication.
  • Application: Measure off the floor and determine how much of the area the mix should cover.

    Look here for basic 2-part coating application instructions with photos.

    If you are going to apply flakes be sure not to get too much floor coated as to not be able to toss them far enough! Stop at appropriate intervals during application to apply flakes. However, if you order spiked shoes you'll be able to walk out on the floor to apply chips. It makes it much easier to evenly apply.

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