Industrial-Coat Line

Industrial-Coat Line of Epoxy, Urethane, and Polyaspartic Coatings

For the general and specialty contractor we offer our Industrial-Coat line of high quality epoxy and urethane floor products in larger packaging. This allows us to further cut the cost and pass the saving on to you. If you are doing multiple or large jobs, contact us, we will make you great deal on the industrial grade products you need.

Because the quantities offered here are large, we usually ship by freight line.  Because the discounts offered by different lines vary as to destination and other factors, we cannot give you an exact quote.  Thus you cannot complete an Industrial-Coat transaction at this store.

To order Industrial-Coat products:

1) Call Us and we will discuss your needs and take your order.  We will get freight costs and call you back with a total and payment instructions. OR

2) Fill out the form on the inquiry page and we will respond with a cost plus shipping and payment instructions.

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Industrial-Coat Epoxy 1110 Standard two part clear polyamide semi-glos..
Industrial-Coat 1110C Epoxy Standard two part pigmented polyamide sem..
Industrial-Coat Epoxy 1130 A two part catalyzed pigmented gloss epoxy ..
Industrial-Coat Epoxy 1140 A two part catalyzed clear gloss epoxy that..
Industrial-Coat Epoxy 1170 A two part 100% solids clear epoxy used as ..
Industrial-Coat 1180 100% Solids Epoxy A two part catalyzed 100% solid..
Industrial-Coat 1210 WB Epoxy A two part catalyzed water borne gloss..
Industrial-Coat 2220 WB Urethane Gloss IC-2220 is a two component gl..
Industrial-Coat 2210 WB Urethane Satin (low gloss) IC-2210 is ..
Industrial-Coat 2250 Urethane A single component 65% solids moisture c..
Industrial-Coat 2240 Solvent Borne Gloss Urethane, clear and pigmented ..
Industrial-Coat 2330 Polyaspartic Urethane An 85% solids two part P..
Industrial-Coat 410 Crack Filler A two part epoxy for shallow fill o..
Industrial-Coat 440 Flexible Joint Sealant A two part component hybr..
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