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Garage-Coat Polyaspartic
Garage-Coat 300
GC-300 is an 85% solids clear polyaspartic polyurea coating. It is UV resistant, more durable, at equal thicknesses, than epoxies, and are very fast drying. 2-3 hours till they can be walked on! You can easily get 3 coats down in a day! It is high gloss product and provides exceptional tire mark resistance. It can be used in a flake system to speed up installation, as a clear top coat finish, or as a direct to bare concrete clear protective sealer. AGAIN: This material dries fast and thus has a short pot life. YOU MUST MOVE QUICKLY! Only mix what you can use in 20 minutes!! Apply at 400-700 sq ft/gal for 2-3.5 mils dry thickness. Sold in 1.5, 3 and 15 gallon kits.

Polyaspartic color packs
This pigment is added at 1 pt per two gallons of mixed material. A two part high performance waterborne satin (low gloss) urethane. Use when low odor is required or in cities with very low VOC limits. This product contains less than 25g/l voc.
Sold in 1.5, 3 and 15 gallon kits. Mixes 2 to 1 and covers 320-500 sq ft/gallon.